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Calla lily crystal blush

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  • Calla lily crystal blush

Calla Lily Crystal Blush


Crystal Blush is a white hybrid calla with a hint of blush tones. Calla lily crystal blush grows 16-20 inches tall and has a high flower count and lush leaf greenery
Bulb Size: Large (1.5 to 2 inches and up) 


Calla lily crystal blush is a unique 'white with blush' toned calla that gives a high flower count. Height is 14-20 inches tall. Good for hardiness zones 8-10. In other zones bulbs should be lifted before the first frost, stored during the winter and replanted after all danger of frost has passed.

Additional Information

Growing Instructions for Calla Lilies:

Calla lilies can be planted outside at any time of the year in zones 8-10! In other areas, they can be planted when temperatures stay higher than 55 degrees F for at least 8-12 weeks. Just make sure that there is no danger of frost in the first 12 weeks after planting.

Callas like full sun to partial shade. Prepare the soil in your chosen location by removing any weeds or stones, and using a fork to loosen and aerate the soil. Dig a hole large enough to fit the bulb you are planting. A rule of thumb is that the depth of the hole should be twice the length of the bulb. Place the bulb in the hole with the tip pointing upwards and cover gently with soil.

In zones 8-10, calla lilies can be left in the ground year-round. In colder zones, dig up the bulbs before the first frost, then store in a cool, dry location. The bulbs may be planted the following Spring when all danger of frost has passed.

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