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With more than fifty varieties of Begonias, our growers are continually working to improve the type, focus and color of our begonia hybrids.

When tuberous begonias are mentioned, words that come to mind are ‘romantic’, ‘voluptuous’ and ‘spectacular’. Our top-quality begonia varieties easily begonia fulfill this expectation. If you are considering a focal point for your balcony, porch, patio or window box, begonias can nicely fit the bill. From early summer to the first frost, begonias will produce a constant dazzling display of color in a form both exotic and graceful – a feat unequaled by few other container plants.

The different types of begonia varieties that we carry include: 

1. Begonia, ruffled; Large 5 to 9 inch blooms, ruffled petal edges and highly consistent double blooms.
2. Begonia, hanging basket; Large double-flowered strains produce twice as many flower stalks as standard hanging varieties.
3. Picotee on Top®; Tough, early, compact, heat tolerant and extraordinarily floriferous. Ideal for both upright and hanging basket containers.
4. Daffodil Begonias; Remarkable daffodil like blooms that are absolutely unique. (Also called Narcissiflora begonias).
5. Begonias, Roseform; Like its namesake, this smooth-petaled American Begonia has an outstanding and distinctly symmetrical form.
6. Begonia, Picotee; Ruffled, double blossoms with edges in a contrasting color.
7. Scentiment®; Truly unique as no other tuberous begonias are this extraordinarily fragrant. Available in mixed assorted (largely pastel) colors.

Traditionally, the objectives of breeding programs have been to produce large 5-10 inch flowers on strong stems, with numerous blossoms, a long blooming season, good resistance to diseas and vivid color with new color combinations. Recently, hybridizers have been developing more compact plants with greater branching habits for both commercial growers and home gardeners.

There is lots more to learn about Begonias!